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The forum has problems with the cache, please click cntr + F5

Postby Patronus » 21 May 2018 20:27

The forum has problems with the cache, please click cntr + F5 to display the latest messages, now solved this problem

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The forum has problems with the cache, please click cntr + F5

Postby Leiylatar » 05 Dec 2018 13:41

I thought this forum would be a venue for intelligent WNs to discuss and consider various points of view, although, like Stormfront, I suspected that even a slight deviation or disagreement might not be welcome. So let me just come right out and ask: Chairman Williams, is this forum basically for MEMBERS of the NA to use? Its beginning to look that way, and thats fine. Its your forum. And though Im not looking to get banned, I think thats whats coming, since my commentary seems to engender hostility; but then the entire WN movement is one vast cauldron of hostility. Ive personally witnessed all the hostility that YOU received while posting on The Phora, VNN, and Stormfront, and how those opposed to you were relentless in their attacks against you. They simply hounded you to death, though you shrugged it off. But thats what I mean: the WN "movement" cannot bear any criticism, at least beyond the mildest form.

Furthermore, I agree that neither this, or any other WN forum has "free speech" - they do not. But they lack something that I believe is far worse - free thought. The very act of thinking is not usually wanted, not just the content itself. By that I mean: the expression of ideas that might - just might - serve to advance our Cause are usually scorned. Not defeated with reason and logic, just...scorned. Nobody seems to want fresh ideas, believing all the "best" ways have been found to promote the WN Cause. And yet, were losing. Even the revamped NA will not likely recover to the same level Pierce brought it to, at least not in your lifetime. Thats not an insult; its simply an assessment of what the former NA was at its height, to what it is now. It will take at least a decade to restore all the lost membership, though I know you wont like hearing that. And lets face it: youll not likely find an intellectual replacement for Pierce - ever. So youre going to have a very steep, uphill climb. Now, before you hit the Ban Button, I am a genuine WN. And I could prove so, were it necessary. But being a genuine WN never saved anyone from Don Blacks blood-stained ban-hammer, so I doubt it will here. I merely mention it because I am on your side, as I once was on Mr. Blacks. But he didnt care; he wasnt about to let anything jeopardize the 7,500 per month chunk of donation cash be threatened.

Finally, this is why I never joined the NA, although I was asked more than once. Im a free thinker, Mr. Williams. If I agree with a fellow WN, Ill say so. If not, Ill articulate why, and let the chips fall where they may. But...those chips usually have "banned" engraved on them. Even so, its precisely free-thinking white nationalists like me that are the most needed in our struggle, yet few within the movement seem to want us. Ask around, youll learn that for yourself. You see, I wish the NA all the luck in the world, but that doesnt mean I agree with everything it believes or does. And were I a member, I suppose I would be "excommunicated" in short order.

Thats why Im a "lone wolf".


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