The list of players/список игроков

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The list of players/список игроков

Postby Patronus » 09 Aug 2015 09:52

1. JohannesVB/VOD/ :Tylis: :Pont: :egy: :Carth: :Galatia:
2. Sigurðr/VM/ :Rome: :Pont: :Siracusi: :Carth: :suebi:
3. Totenkopf/VM/ :Rome: :arm: :egy: :sele: :suebi:
4. Blademaster/WOLF/ :Lusitani: :arm: :egy: :parth: :Galatia:
5. HunnicWarrior/VOD/ :Tylis: :сolchis: :Mace: :parth: :Galatia:
6. C3NTVRION/ :Rome: :arm: :egy: :sele: :suebi:
7. Ultramarine/VM/ :Rome: :Pont: :Mace: :parth: :suebi:
8. Red Army/Mighty/ :Lusitani: :epir: :Spart: :Carth: :suebi:
9. Diplomatt/WOLF/ :Tylis: :Pont: :Siracusi: :parth: :suebi:
10. Noldo/VM/ :Boii: :Pont: :Spart: :parth: :Galatia:
11. Straton/Mighty/ :Lusitani: :Pont: :egy: :sele: :suebi:
12. Red Ork/VM/ :Rome: :Pont: :Mace: :sele: :Galatia:
13. Cheremis/VM/ :Rome: :Pont: :egy: :Carth: :Galatia:
14. AK The Legend/VOD/ :Tylis: :epir: :Mace: :parth: :Galatia:
15. DDGjz/VOD/ :Tylis: :arm: :Mace: :parth: :Galatia:
16. Patron/VM/ :Rome: :arm: :Siracusi: :Carth: :Galatia:
17. Dacder/IDE/ :Rome: :arm: :Spart: :parth: :get:
18. Iliopol/VM/ :Rome: :Pont: :Mace: :Carth: :Galatia:
19. Gawain/SGC/ :Rome: :arm: :Spart: :parth: :odrisy:
20. BXBaracus/VOD/ :Rome: :Pont: :egy: :Carth: :suebi:
21. Armenian Warrior/HL/ :Rome: :arm: :Spart: :Bakt: :get:
22. Diablo/VM/ :Rome: :Pont: :Spart: :parth: :Galatia:
23. Happysouls/FG/ :Boii: :Pont: :Siracusi: :Carth: :Galatia:
24. Hamilkar Barca/FG/ :Boii: :Pont: :Spart: :Carth: :Galatia:
25. Asseror/VM/ :Tylis: :arm: :Siracusi: :Carth: :Galatia:
26. Stradomski/VM/ :Tylis: :Pont: :Siracusi: :Carth: :get:
27. Olkimos/Mighty/ :Rome: :arm: :Siracusi: :Carth: :suebi:
28. Blood_Leopard/VOD/ :Tylis: :epir: :Mace: :Carth: :Galatia:
29. Klayton/VM/ :Tylis: :arm: :Siracusi: :Carth: :get:
30. Gamilkara/BiA/ :Rome: :Pont: :egy: :sele: :Galatia:
31. Deep_Blood/ARDITI/ :Boii: :Pont: :Spart: :parth: :suebi:
32. SunsinDiary/ :Boii: :arm: :athens: :parth: :Galatia:
Obelix/TGR/ :Tylis: :epir: :Siracusi: :Carth: :Galatia:
Babykiller/ :Tylis: :сolchis: :egy: :parth: :suebi:

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